In the installation ☯, booklets (also entitled ☯) are stacked and presented on a pedestal, where Piksel21 attendees may take copies. The self-cover booklet is 40 pages long (10 sheets of paper) and presents Unicode glyphs opposite each other on page spreads, allowing readers to mediate on empty/full dichotomies and our current global text encoding system.

Nick Montfort studies creative computing. As a poet and artist, he uses computation as his main medium and seeks to uncover how the material and formal qualities of computing are entangled with each other and with culture. His computer-generated books of poetry include #! and Golem. His digital projects include the collaborations The Deletionist and Sea and Spar Between. His MIT Press books, collaborative and individual, include The New Media Reader,
Twisty Little Passages, Racing the Beam
, and Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities. He is professor of digital media at MIT. He lives in New York City.