custom rule

custom rule, 2020
Immaterial procedure artwork, web-based interactive program

A minimalist conceptual procedure artwork to make users feel their illusory prospects of changing the rule, the system.

The program has a “bug” (backdoor) that unlocks a hidden feature to hack the system and break the rule: find the one cracking customisation among 54,116,587,929,600 possible combinations by moving the sliders.

Talking about the internet, especially regarding web “2.0” front-end interfaces to interact with the system (institutions and the mainstream), the user customising preferences are actually negligible and distracting frills. You can customise the aesthetics as you like, but the underlying rule always stays the same: flavours, candy coatings that serve to disguise or to make the ruling system more cute or looking petty, just like painting a prison’s walls of pink. Many amusing applications and funny gadgets are already used by rulers to control you by knowing you. The rule is always the same: people are the prey, but in most cases they are not even aware, they do not even know who is the ruling predator.

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