Screaming at the Void

Reclaim your humanity and scream at the Internet

As the media __m__algorithms bait you into ever more hateful distress and you find yourself sticking to the glutinous sides of your info-bubble regain your analog agency by shouting your frustrations at the Internet. Hear the sound of the global data super highway as your howl reverberates around the World Wide Echo-Chamber.

Visit the on-line therapy installation, turn your mic up to 11 and wail at the web. Your vocalisations will be chopped into packets, pinged through “the pipes” and bounced off servers around the world. Listen to the granulated, fractured, disjointed resounding of the cyberspatial cavern as TCP/IP struggles, and fails, just like all the King’s horses, to put your packets back together again.

The world has heard you and answered in kind.

  • Breathe.

Take a moment to visit the gallery and peruse the anonymized mixed up yelps of those that screamed before you.

You are not alone.

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