Sympathetic Motion

Sympathetic Motion includes four large-scale sculptures that are detailed in fabric design and in their movements. Each sculpture inherits distinct characteristics that formally and technically distinguishes them from the other pieces in the series. They also have different spatial relationships in regards to one another. While developing this project, I was interested in systems that make up and surround the artworks which concern interconnectivity, logic, memory, emotion, and interaction. The sculptures and the systems they create become a part of the architecture and an extension of it for the audience to interact with. All of these elements give the audience a sense of liveliness. The way I think about systems in sculptural form is influenced by nature and natural creatures. It will become apparent that my pieces visually resonate with the underwater world through the spaes and colors that I use. The various colors, shapes, and movements in my artwork direct how the audience perceives the sculpture and the site that surrounds it.

Berfin Ataman is an Artist, Designer and researcher. Her artwork has been materialized as wearables, installations, and other soft, kinetic, sculptures. Over multiple series and projects, she has explored humans’ relationships to their environment and the non-human.

Berfin Ataman was born in Izmir, Turkey. She went on to get her BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Southern California, her Post – Baccalaureate degree from the School of Art Institute Chicago, and her MFA from UCLA, Design Media Arts. She has shown her work in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Korea and Istanbul in galleries and museums.