analog Not analog

analog Not analog (aNa) is an open source software that allows you to combine generative algorithms with web cams or video recordings in real time. It combines two techniques: live coding and video feedback loops.

aNa tries to eliminate the difference between analog video technology and digital animation.

We are influenced in our aesthetic perception by the forms of nature. Today, we can synthesize these forms and textures algorithmically to a certain extent. But we can also think about how the two can work together. aNa is an approach to inserting textures and shapes from the natural environment into computer generated graphics.

The control is like live coding. While the program is running parts of the algorithm can be reprogrammed. This is done without losing the graphical data or having to restart aNa.

The second principle comes from analog video technology. The image data flows through several filters and is modified in the process. In this case not by analog electronics but by image manipulations which are done algorithmically directly on the graphics card. The filter chains may contain feedback loops. This leads to effects that are difficult to control, but provide surprising visuals.

Software analog Not analog:

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Thomas Jourdan, have been working with graphic algorithms for many years.

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