Art of Coding – The Demoscene as UNESCO intangible world cultural heritage

The Demoscene is an international computer art subculture focused on producing demos: self-contained, sometimes extremely small, computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. It shows how skills and creativity can be stimulated and implemented in a dynamic cultural practice adopted to digital contexts. The Demoscene’s roots go more than four decades back to the home computer revolution. It thinks it’s now time to push for the next step to take born-digital culture seriously as part of mankind’s cultural heritage. This is the purpose of Art of Coding, AoC in brief, the initiative to bring the Demoscene onto the UNESCO list of intangible world cultural heritage. AoC was successful already in Finland in 2020 and in Germany in 2021. Other countries are running full steam. This presentation will provide insights into AoC, updating the audience on what’s happened and what’s in the making.

Art-of-Coding is an initiative to enlist the Demoscene as first digital culture on the list of UNESCO intangible world cultural heritage. Details can be found on the dedicated website:
AoC was successful in Finland in 2020
and in Germany in 2021

The author/presenter, Andre ‘kudrix’ Kudra, is an active AoC member and has already published articles and conference papers about AoC, e.g.:

  • Bridges Conference 2020: |
  • Return Magazine #43 2020: