Anemone Actiniaria

Anemone Actiniaria is an algorithmic improvisation duo consisting of Graz-based sound artists Hanns Holger Rutz and David Pirrò. Beyond a purely performative agenda, Anemone Actiniaria is also an artistic research project, aiming at subjecting the seemingly well-defined concept of algorithm to a new reading, questioning human command and machine obedience. Mutual observation and overwriting is initiated between our open source computer systems, “Wolkenpumpe” and “rattle”, rooted in physical modelling and in the generation of parametric models based on machine learning. Through the coupling of these two heterogeneous systems, an overall new behaviour arises, and the boundaries between the formerly separated systems begin to vacillate. Anemone Actiniaria have performed at several venues since its founding in 2014, including IEM Graz, BEAST FEaST Birmingham, ZKM Karlsruhe, impuls festival and academy Graz, elettroAQustica L’Aquila, xCoAx Bergamo, km28 Berlin.

Hanns Holger Rutz

Rutz’ artistic work ranges from sound and installation art to digital art, intermedia and electronic music. In all of his work, the physicality of sound and its interaction with the development and research on software and algorithms plays an important role. He is interested in the materiality of writing processes—processes where the time in which a work is written by a human or the machine is interwoven with the performance / exhibition time—and trajectories of aesthetic objects as they travel and transform across different works and different artists.

David Pirrò

David Pirrò is a sound artist and researcher based in Graz, Austria.
His works include interactive compositions, sound installations and audiovisual pieces in which performative aspects are central. Departing from a radical inclusive point of view, he seeks ways of composing by which the work of art is constructed through mutual interaction of the agents involved in its performance. David works at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics as lecturer and researcher.