Concert for Smartphone Network

Concert for Smartphone Network is at the same time a music composition, a piece of distributed computer software and a collective improvisation practice. The work is for a networked smartphone ensemble where a custom made distributed software system combines the individual music lines of different performers into one music flow. The performers develop the music together and use the system to explore new ways to connect with each other through collective music making. The software synchronizes the individual performers’ inputs, mitigating delays over large distance networks, while the small size of the handheld devices leaves the body free to move. The work, composed and
programmed by Andreja Andric, features fast and intense loops of synthesized sound, exploring repetition, variation and sound color in a natural (non-tempered) scale and low (1-bit) sound resolution. The work has been mostly performed as a livestream where the performers play from three different countries: Denmark, Serbia and Switzerland. Members of the ensemble are: Andreja Andrić (DK/RS), Małgorzata Żurada (CH), Maja Bosnić (RS) and Marija Šumarac (RS).

Andreja Andric (born 1973) is a Serbian composer and computer programmer, living in Aarhus. He uses computer programming as key means of artistic expression. Enjoys exploring mathematical processes and chance. Also active in the fields of computer music, video and software art.