Mellite – an environment for creating experimental computer-based music and sound art

Mellite is an open source application that aims to be an environment both for the composition and creation as well as for the performance and exhibition of computer based music and sound art. It targets various scenarios, from real-time live improvisation to fixed media composition and sound installation, attempting to unite these through inter-connectible objects, which live inside workspaces. It is also a particular kind of development environment, where code fragments written in domain-specific dialects of the Scala language interface with the graphical user interface. Mellite runs on Linux, macOS, Windows, supporting either the desktop or embedded computers such as the Raspberry Pi. It uses SuperCollider as the sound synthesis engine. Recently, experimental support was added to run workspaces in a web browser as well. Depending on the interests of the workshop participants, after a general introduction to the environment, we can focus on particular practices and scenarios, such as live improvisation or creating sound installations.

Please visit the repository created for the workshop:

Rutz’ artistic work ranges from sound and installation art to digital art, intermedia and electronic music. In all of his work, the physicality of sound and its interaction with the development and research on software and algorithms plays an important role. He is interested in the materiality of writing processes—processes where the time in which a work is written by a human or the machine is interwoven with the performance / exhibition time—and trajectories of aesthetic objects as they travel and transform across different works and different artists.