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This is a multilingual live coding performance using the platform Estuary and its many languages and modalities (visual, textual, aural, etc.). In live coding practices, the programming code allows a simultaneous, double communication: the code instructs the computer what kind of operations and effects should be performed at the same time that it conveys semantic meaning that other humans can access. I am exploring the construction of meaning in multilingual coding environments and how it affects music, visuals and poetry production simultaneously.

Alejandro Franco Briones
Researcher, Composer and Sound Artist

Alejandro is a composer, live coder and sound artist from Mexico City. Some of his major interests are: time-oriented music, network art ecologies and musical/technological notational systems.
Alejandro is a PhD student at McMaster University in the department of Communications, New Media and Cultural Studies. He is interested in struggles for resistance and autonomy and artistic forms of community organisation that are emancipatory and mediated by critical perspectives like Marxism, de-colonialism, anti-fascism, and feminism. Alejandro is currently a teacher assistant (TA) in McMaster University teaching Digital Audio and New Media Arts, and a Research Assistant (RA) in the Network Imagination Laboratory (NIL) developing the online music platform Estuary. Alejandro has been awarded with the Prince Claus Mobility Fund, Sony Forward Creativity Award and the Mexican CONACYT-FONCA scholarship for post-graduate studies abroad. He has presented papers and performances in the International Conference on Live Coding in its third, fourth and fifth iteration, the Electroacoustic Music Seminar in Mexico City, participated in independent experimental music festivals and concerts like the Network Music Festival (2020), Umbral Concert Series among many others.