Quo vadis world? In the face of growing global crises, it seems advisable to take a step back and revise existing paradigms of our thinking and acting. Ecological, systemic approaches and questions about diversity and sustainability are also becoming more and more urgent in terms of technology and digitization. The network of critical artists, programmers, designers amongst other humans tries to develop possible solutions through artistic, practical and discursive work. Local activities in Graz look for synergies with global networking and exchange with mutual organisations and collectives. Work sessions, a virtual fellowship, open discussion rounds and group work result in an various positions in the form of artistic works, creative interventions, online platforms, performances and presentations. The proposed talk outlines our yearly programme and brings together creative interventions that re-evaluate our status quo, question current systems and propose new perspectives for possible and preferrable futures. At the moment works in close cooperation with 7 artists/collectives on the paradigm shifts programme.

About the organisation
Since 1999 runs an DIY and artistic datacenter in Graz (Austria), serving webhosting for the arts/culture sector and promoting media/net/digital art with yearly artlabs and exhibitions. We advocate Open Source Software and Hardware and share our knowledge in workshops and skillsharing sessions with our community.

About the organiser:
Andreas Zingerle is a media artist, lecturer and researcher from Austria. He received his PhD from the University of Art and Design Linz (Austria) Since 2020 he is director of and currently running the paradigm-shifts artistic research lab. Since 2004 he takes part in international conferences and exhibitions, among others Ars Electronica, ISEA, Aksioma, Siggraph, Japan Media Arts Festival, File, WRO Biennial.