Through a jamsession with open source tools and advanced technologies such as obsolete technologies, trying to make convergences in space and time uniting realities of our area, generating unique and unrepeatable contexts associating the imaginary of pirate parrots in an abandoned ship. Venturing and recreating life messages as multimedia interventions on the WWW network, using a GNU / Linux server to transmit the sound generated from the three nodes through Jamulus and OBS to transmit visuals.

Ensamble Aleatorio is an improvisation collective dedicated to sound and visual experimentation around the practices of glitch, noise and modified circuits. Active since 2007. Formed in the context of the activations that arose in the framework of the artistic exploration space “Espacio G” in the city of Valparaiso. Sharing sound situations with projects from an incipient current of “Chilean noise”. Currently dispersed in different Latin American contexts, they continue to disrupt the official channels of communication and glitching future programmed ones.