sainsŵn: test / pro-fi

An A-V performance critically deconstructing perceptual psychology, psychoacoustics and A.I. Created with a range of open (and closed) software and hardware.

This piece explores, questions and deconstructs the initial encounter between a sonic creator and her audience, as mediated by a range of contextual contingencies – these including the following, which in themselves are conceived as interlinked modules of attraction and repulsion.

biological / physiological / cultural / aesthetic / technological / technical / spatial / social

The central questions being asked are, “When does a good illusion become a good work of art”? and “What are the minimum criteria required in order for “music” to occur?

The work has also been informed by the observation that “music” is never a purely sonic experience. Without doubt, listening forms an important part of the encounter, yet this sensory modality exists with a rich lattice of other objects and processes.