The 19th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies
18th-21st November
Bergen (Norway)

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Piksel Festival press note ENG
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Piksel Festival announcements

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The only cure for post-pandemic fever ⇝ Reboot me softly ↻

The rainy city of Bergen is one of a kind when it comes to hosting Arts and Cultural events. The range is second to none, from BIFF to Borealis to Beyond the Gates. But have you heard of Piksel?

This year ́s edition of Piksel festival is held between 18th-21st November, celebrating free/libre technologies and technological freedom. You can indulge in electronic music, electronic art, performing arts, and numerous workshops.
The slogan for this year’s edition of Piksel is the highly relevant phrase ́Reboot me softly ́. It is the perfect mantra for the exhibition “Reboot Me Softly” showing art pieces that deal with the post-pandemic state of mind we are in, in conflux with the altered state of planet earth.

Piksel festival have selected more than sixty artists presenting projects, workshops, and live concerts. Themes ranging from gender roles in computer games, like PAC-MOM where the character must work twice as hard and for less food, to electronic literature or social media world’s domination.

We also have an exciting collaboration with Kulturhuset i Bergen and the Critical Engineering Working Group (CEWG) from Berlin. They are here with the much-anticipated exhibition “Decoding Black Magic Interventions in Infrastructure”. Its focus is to expose security breaches on our devices. An area of computer technology that most of us are blind to in our daily lives. In other words, the true black magic of our time. Forget satanism, church-burnings and pig’s blood. That’s all just Disney.

The opening tour of the Piksel festival on Thursday 18th November, starts at Studio 207 and ends at Kulturhuset in C. Sundts Gate, where the CEWG Exhibition will stay for a whole month. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, audiovisual performing arts will take place every night from 20-24h on the Piksel streaming channels and LIVE at Østre on Friday for the Bergen audience. We welcome a new Piksel Kidz Lab edition, with a workshop for the whole family to participate in and to engage with free technologies, and, we add to the full program an extensive performing arts workshops in collaboration with Bergen Dansesenter and PRODA.

Maite Cajaraville and Gisle Frøysland, curators of the Piksel festival, extend you all a warm welcome.
Piksel festival is an international network and annual event for Electronic Art and Technological Freedom.
You can find information on all our events and a detailed program on the Piksel web page.